Buyers' Guide to Outboard Boats

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by David Pascoe

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Chapter 10

The New Outboard Motor Market

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This chapter covers a general discussion of new outboard motors intended mainly for the novice or first-time boat buyer.

Most people ask questions such as, "What is the best engine for the price?" That is a question no one can really answer, for the only way to know what is best is by means of proof, and proof requires an historical record from which to judge.

Therefore, when buying new products, all we really have to go on is a manufacturer's historical record of similar products.

The old saying that it is never a good idea to buy the first of any new type of product is a wise one for those who don't come by their money easily.

And when it comes to engines, history proves this to be doubly wise, for new engine introductions historically have not had a good track record.

The reason for this is fairly simple: new engines are extraordinarily costly to develop. We're talking near billions here. Not only that, once a new engine is ready to be brought to production, it requires a long period of testing, which manufacturers usually try to cut short.

This is what accounts for the fact that so many first issue line of new engines usually do poorly. And when it comes to the changes in emissions standards applied to outboards, this has proved true in spades.

We can only hope that by the time this book goes to press, these problems will be worked out, but as of late 2001 they haven't.

Outboard motors come in size ranges from 1.5 HP up to 275 HP. In the under 150 HP range there are at least a dozen different manufacturers.

These break down into two cycle and four cycle engines with a variety of different types of fuel systems. These engines otherwise all operate on the same basic principles and have very similar designs.

Unlike in decades past, current offerings don't have a lot in the way of optional extras. These engines are sold as complete packages including controls, instruments, power tilt and alternators.

The options choices usually consist of type of fuel system (which I'll discuss in greater detail) differing instrument packages, propellers, counter rotation and that's about it. With the larger engines, bigger alternators are sometimes available for boats with higher electrical demands.

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Table of Contents: Chapter 10

Choice and No Choice
Engine Market Turmoil
How Government Rules Design Products
Direct Fuel Injection
The Rise of the Four Strokes
Will Two Stroke Engines Become Extinct?
Mercury -vs- Yamaha
Saltwater Designations
Can Boats Get Too Big and Heavy for Outboards?
How Fast Do You Want to Go?
Taking the Dealer's Advice
Cruising Speed as Horse Power Decision Benchmark
What About Extended Warranties?
Shopping on the Internet

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