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Chapter 12

Research, Pricing and Shopping

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Research and Shopping for a boat can be very time consuming, so unless you have an idea of where and how to look, it's easy to end up wasting a lot of time. The following are some tips on how to refine and target your efforts.

Research Sources

The Internet

Thanks to the Internet, the task of researching a new or used boat purchase becomes much easier, although many people express their disappointment that there are not more objective sources of information.

As I pointed out in the first chapter, because there are so many boat builders, it is simply not possible for there to be any comprehensive sources.

There are a few publications, such as Power Boat Reports, and my own site, that will review a relative handful of the most popular boats. For the vast majority, however, you will be able to find little or nothing.

I am constantly amazed at the number of emails I receive from people asking where they can get information on 15-20 year old boats.

If you have a hard time finding info on late model boats, imagine how unlikely to find anything on boats one or two or three decades old! For the majority of old boats, the builders are no longer in business and there are no records anywhere about those builders and their boats.

Many people express great chagrin that such information simply does not exist. You have to realize that small boat builders are just too small and insignificant for anyone to be interested in spending their chronicling the history of a small boat builder.

There is the possibility that you could run across limited information on the internet by simply typing in the model name, builder and/or size of the boat you are interested in.

There are a number of web sites that have been put up by disgruntled boat owners who want to warn others about their experience with certain builders. Then, there are sites like that provide forums for disgruntled consumers.

The number of sites or "clubs" dedicated to one manufacturer or model is constantly expanding. All of these are potential sources of good information. Try a search based on the manufacturer name plus the word "club" or "owner's club".

Discussion forums can also turn up good information, however, you have to be careful about from whom you take complaints literally.

You'll need to be a good judge of character and try to discern whether the complainer is describing his problems fairly and accurately, or whether he is only one-half of the problem and a person with an ax to grind and is bent on revenge for slights real or partly imagined.

It can be very instructive for newcomers to boating to read discussion forums regularly. These can give you a good feel for what boat ownership is all about, although one should beware that forums involve all types of people and a lot of inaccurate and downright false information.

To get the most out of discussion forums, it's best to read them regularly and get to know the participants. In a few weeks time you can get a pretty good idea of who are the knowledgeable ones.

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Making Your Own Appraisal
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Long Distance Shopping

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