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Chapter 18

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Surveyors provide appraised values on pre-purchase survey reports because they are needed by banks and insurance companies who loan money and insure the boats soon after they are purchased.

About 95% of my clients purchasing boats call me to perform a survey, not an appraisal, which are two entirely different things.

But, given the fact that insurance companies and banks have come to rely on survey reports, we have become stuck with this long standing practice.

In essence we are suppling a free service to these businesses that ought to be commissioning their own appraisals, just like they do in their very own real estate business.

Never underestimate the ability of these outfits to squeeze a dime from someone else. Leave the appraisal out of your report and you're guaranteed to get two phone calls, one from a bank and the other an insurance company, asking you did not provide them with this free service.

Lately there have been a number of surveyors who have been certified by the American Society of Appraisers and who have raised a lot of questions about marine appraisals.

Some have suggested that all surveyors should employ complicated rules and formulae for appraising boats. Some have advanced the notion that all surveyors should have an ASA certification.

My view is that we should first understand that there is a world of difference between a survey and an appraisal. When a client calls asking for an appraisal, that is an entirely different function.

The vast majority of surveyors consider appraising the value in the course of a pre-purchase survey to be a secondary function. They do it only because banks and insurance companies request it, yea demand it.

The fee we charge is for surveying, not for appraising. I don't see how anyone could perform a proper appraisal in less than a half-day's time, and yet I don't know any surveyor who spends more than an hour or so doing it on a buyer's survey.

Very few of my clients ever even ask me about price (they've studied the market so they know what's available at what price better than I), so I consider my appraised value more in terms of providing a reasonable valuation for lenders and insurers and not as the formal practice of appraising the vessel's worth.

Given my druthers, I'd just as soon not place a value in my reports. If the client also wants an accurate appraisal, then I would charge an additional fee for the time it will take me to do the research. This almost never happens.

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Table of Contents: Chapter 18

18. Appraisal 401

Fair Market Value 403
Current Market Value 403
Oddballs and Custom Yachts 404
Comparables 405
Appraisal Guides 406
Determining Original Cost 408
Extra Equipment 409
Learning about Equipment 410
Repair Costs 411
Geographical Considerations 411
Contingency Values 412
Explanations 413

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