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Chapter 4

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In the chapter 2 we discussed the importance of good communication between surveyor, client and seller or broker in setting up the survey to ensure that all runs smoothly.

Once the survey has been set up and we're ready to begin, a new level of planning begins.

Ideally, we don't want to hop aboard the vessel and then immediately have to take off for a haul out or sea trial.

We want at least a few hours to get our bearings and start sizing things up. The larger the vessel, the more time it will take to orient ourselves.

Those who've been surveying a while will have already developed their own routines. The novice needs to develop a strategy for each type of vessel.

A 72' motor yacht that is literally three stories high presents considerably greater challenges than a single level 32 footer. Let's look at what should be done first and why.

The size of a vessel is often more a matter of magnitude than complexity. An 80' motor yacht may not be appreciably more complex than a 40 footer.

There's just a lot more of it, of everything, from plumbing to washing machines and bar equipment.

On the other hand, some small, cramped boats can be harder to survey precisely because of the lack of space. Or cramming too much in a too small space.

Having a plan and being able to follow it minimizes errors and oversights, as well as improving efficiency.

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Table of Contents: Chapter 4

4. Procedures 71

Order and Progression 71
Working with Captains 72
Engine Surveyors 73
Opening Up 74
Where to Start 74
Notes 76
File Management 77
Memorizing Techniques 78
Photography 78
The Hauled Survey 78
Sea Trial 80
Post Survey 81

The Surveyor's Kit 84

Digital -vs- Film Cameras 86


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