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Marine Survey

Marine Investigations
by David H. Pascoe, Marine Surveyor

Chapter 4

Marine Insurance and Issues of Law

Marine Investigations by David Pascoe

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dhp Expand Marine Survey Business: Road to a Marine Investigator dhp
Direct Links to Chapters:

Chapter 1 
The Marine Investigator
Chapter 2

The Nature of Investigations
Chapter 3  
The Nature of Evidence
Chapter 4 
Marine Insurance and Issues of Law
Chapter 5  
Bilge Pumps & Batteries
Chapter 6  
Finding the Leak
Chapter 7  
Sinking Due To Rain
Chapter 8  
Fire Investigations
Chapter 9  
Machinery Failure Analysis
Chapter 10
Fraud Investigations
Chapter 11
Interrogation Techniques
Chapter 12
Chapter 13
Deposition & Court Testimony

Full Contents

544 pages



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Marine Investigations - The first and only book of its kind on the subject of investigating pleasure craft casualties and other issues. Although written primarily with the North American market in mind, international surveyors will find that the principles employed here are equally applicable to where ever marine surveyors are to be found.


4. Marine Insurance and Issues of Law 75

The Role of the Marine Expert 76
Unfair Claims Practices Laws 78
Independent Adjuster 81
Obtaining an Adjuster's License 83
Advice to the Client 83
Reasonable Doubt 84

Insurance Policies and Concepts 85

Principles of Insurance 85
All Risk Yacht Policy 86
Agreed Valuation 87
ACV Policies 88
Seaworthiness Warranty 88
Perils of the Sea 90
Weather 92
Negligence -vs- Gross Negligence 93
Sue and Labor Clause 95
Subrogation 95
Estoppel 95
The Prudent Uninsured 96
The Non Waiver Agreement 98
Cooperation 98
The Insured's Rights, Insurer's Rights 99
The Time Element 99

Latent Defects 100

Historical Perspectives 101
Error in Design 101
Faulty Material 101
Premature Failure 102
What is Damage? 103
Machinery 105
Limitations on Claims 106

Admiralty Law 106

Salvage 108

Refusal of Salvage Assistance 109
Abandonment 110
Salvage Fees -vs- Salvage Awards 111
Towing versus Salvage 112
Example 112
Hazards to Navigation 114
Recommending Salvors 114
Types of Salvage Contracts 115
Incompetent Salvors _ Surveyor as Salvage Master 116
Salvage Bidding 118

Copyright 2004 David H. Pascoe

Description Contents-All Introduction
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Expand Business!
Marine surveyors:
Expand your marine business!
Conducting marine investigations can help free you from the limitations of a seasonal business and expand your business opportunities and income.
Who Hires?
Who hires marine investigators?
In addition to insurance companies, specialist investigators merge their specialized pleasure craft knowledge with investigative abilities for a broad range of clientele.
These can range from boat owners with serious warranty claim disputes and faulty repair issues to being hired by lawyers as investigators as either fact witnesses or expert witnesses.
Marine investigators often work for boat owners who are having trouble with insurance claim issues, assisting the boat owner obtain a proper claims settlement.

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"Marine Investigations "

Published in 2004 by
D. H. Pascoe & Co., Inc.





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Marine Investigations

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